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Decorating for Fall – Without the Clutter

One of the best traditions of September is the changing of décor in the home. Swapping out those summery candles for richer cozier scents and pulling your fuzzy socks out of storage is a magical feeling.
However, as an organizing company it can be easy to see how fleeting holiday decorations can also add to unnecessary clutter and used up storage space in the home.

Crucial Morning Habits for a Smooth School Year

Keeping a morning routine for a single adult can be difficult enough to maintain but when you add in little one’s things can go awry fast. A simple morning routine full of helpful habits could be secret to a peaceful transition back to school.

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5 Ways to Prepare for Back-to-School Season

Now that our lazy summer days are almost numbered its time to get excited about our routine once again. Whether you have kids in school or you yourself are headed back, these five tips will get you prepared for the start of fall.

Four Surprising Reasons Why Your Home is Still Cluttered

Clutter is sometimes hard to pinpoint and that is why we love the Konmari Method because it helps us really see what we have hiding in our home. While you might have taken the time to declutter there are still so many factors that go into a cluttered space.