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The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Organizing

less is more

Avoiding mistakes is sometimes an impossible task because taking action in your life can often invite them to it. Organizing is a topic that is written about endlessly online and in real life. 

There are a million blogs, books, tv shows, magazines, Pinterest boards and more that entice us to keep reading. While reading and learning about organizing can be helpful it can sometimes lead us down the wring rabbit hole. The Marie Kondo Method is simple which is why it works. 

Here are the biggest mistakes you can make while organizing:

Buying Supplies

Here me once believe me later: you do not need any supplies for organizing.

That’s right. You don’t need any of the following:

  • bins
  • labels
  • a label maker
  • special closet gear
  • storage systems

Now that that is out of the way you can focus on what actually needs to be done…organizing! Start with a decluttering and follow the Marie Kondo Method. Buying more stuff at the beginning is just going to be overwhelming and cause more clutter. Start simple.

Thinking one session will do it all

Organizing is an ongoing process. To keep an organized life, it has to become a part of your calendar. Plan your big decluttering days in categories and remember that upkeep will be required in the future.

 Keeping an eye on what you bring into the house will become second nature because you will start to understand fully what items you actually need for a happy life. Less is more when its organized.

Following someone else’s system

Color coding, labelling, keeping special jars in the fridge and pantry may work for someone else but it may be a complete disaster for you. If you know that you do not have the time or patience to follow a strict organization system in your living areas, do…not… implement it!

It’s that simple. Notice how you live your life and work around that. Spend time learning about methods of organizing and collect the tips in your mind. After a while the methods that are right for you will become clear and you can go from there.

Not actually decluttering everything you need to

It is so hard to actually declutter everything you need to. This is why we suggest you do it over time. 

When you are done decluttering it will feel like a weight off your shoulders. It can be extremely hard to rid your home of items that feel sentimental but in a months’ time you won’t remember what you are missing.

On top of that you will have physical and mental space to focus on the joy of life rather than the stuff in your life.