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Five Ways to Reclaim Your Bedroom

simple steps to calm

We spend more almost half of our lives asleep. So why do we so often neglect our bedrooms and instead treat them as a space for clutter? One of the easiest places for excess stuff to pile up is in the bedroom.

If you keep a tidy living room its almost like your secret space where the mess can live. However, challenging yourself to see the bedroom as a sacred space rather than a catch-all will change your relationship to it.

Here are five ways to transform your bedroom into a place that sparks peace, calm and joy:

1. Make your bed

This habit will change the way your bedroom looks and feels. When this becomes a natural step in your morning routine your bedroom becomes a place of calm rather than mess. 

With the covers tucked in its so much easier to make the bed a peaceful place for rest that is intentional.

2. Clean out your closet

Your closet is a huge part of your bedroom. 

If it is overstuffed with clothes, you don’t wear it can be so easy for it to become a place of frustration. 

Picking out your clothes should be fun, not stressful. Decluttering the closet will allow intention to return to your everyday look.

3. Try under-bed storage

If you are a lover of a seasonal outfit change, décor or have a deep attachment to momentous try underbed storage. Having everything you need for everyday life out and ready to be used. However, putting aside those winter boots in the summer or those photo albums you really only look at once a year will clear out some space in your room and your head.

4. Clean out the nightstand

Having a ChapStick and loose change collection is hard work. If that drawer rattles with coins and shoved paperbacks it maybe time for a clean out. Releasing those coins and miscellaneous items will be such a weight off your shoulders. Let’s be honest, the nightstand is the perfect catch-all so make sure to do this regularly.

5. Put your work away

Working from home is a new avenue that many of us are exploring in a post pandemic world.

However, if you live in a small space and keep your work in your bedroom, I urge you to put it away at the end of the day. 

This will help you unwind because it will be physically out of sight.