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Tips for Packing a Great Suitcase with Low Stress

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Packing the perfect suitcase is impossible. There is always something in it that we should’ve brought from home…or something that we should have left at home.

Finding a good balance takes years of practice and the Marie Kondo method can be a good thought process to success. While we can’t just take items on vacation that “spark joy” (I’m thinking here about your passport, ticket, and phone charger), the line of thinking isn’t too off. Here are five tips to packing a great suitcase with low stress:

Treat your luggage well

Start with a good base. This advice can be applicable to many aspects of your life. When we trat our belongings with respect we treat ourselves with respect. 

Make sure you have everything from you last trip cleared out of your bag. Make sure there are no gum wrappers, luggage tags, lint etc. hiding in the pockets. A clean slate is the best way to start.

Consider the trip

Thinking about the location you are traveling to is key. Take note of the length of your trip, the activity level, the kinds of activities you’ll be doing, the kinds of people you will be around, the local weather and more.

Considering these factors may seem overwhelming at first because it is hard to predict what you will need especially in a place you have never been. Instead make some notes about a week before you have to pack so you start thinking about it, casually. This rumination period will come in handy when its time to really get cracking.  

Bring your favorites

Many of us like to use the opportunity of a vacation or a holiday to express new sides of ourselves. While this can be a really fun thing to do it may take up room in your suitcase if you are being unrealistic.

If you start adding ‘aspirational’ items to your suitcase you can easily overpack. Maybe you have been meaning to wear those overalls or that jumpsuit, but you have never had the opportunity. 

While it could be a venue change to add life to an item it may be worth the question of ‘does it spark joy’? If not, it may not make it into the suitcase and instead into the declutter pile.

Keep essentials close

Travel essential should always go in an accessible location especially if you are flying. 

Keeping important documents at the read will ensure that you don’t forget them and also don’t have to go digging around in your bag in a busy airport.

Edit the final product

Once you have everything packed, do an edit. Think about the last vacation you took;

Did you wear everything? 

Did you really need that extra pair of shoes…or would more socks have sufficed? 

Ask yourself these hard questions and try to remove a few items. Your bag and you will feel lighter.