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6 Essential Hacks for Decluttering with Ease

tidying made simple

Decluttering has become a buzzword over the past few years with popular media like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and The Home Edit (Netflix). Little tips can help a lot in the process. Many people wonder where to start or how to tackle these big projects. 

These five hacks break down the process so decluttering will become second nature.

1. Make the time

Take a moment to look at your schedule and then pencil in a date with your closet or whatever area you want to work on. 

Making time for decluttering will ensure that you have enough time to dig in and do the work. Spend a day listening to your favorite album or podcast and get to work! 

Making a plan is the first step to making it happen.

2. Categorize your project

Going in blind to reorganize and declutter your entire bedroom is going to be overwhelming. Especially if it has never been done before. GO easy on yourself and break it up into chunks. Spend time really decluttering your closet than maybe another day tackle underneath the bed. Being thoughtful with each decluttering session will help you really weed out the unnecessary clutter from your life.

3. Check the obvious reasons to declutter first

When decluttering an item, it can be hard to know whether to keep or toss. The best way to eliminate the emotional toll that our possessions can have over us is to make a checklist of reasons to let go of an item.

Does it fit you?

 Is it broken?

Is it expired?

Start there and then dig into if it sparks joy.

4. Keep it in your calendar

Decluttering doesn’t happen all in one day and it doesn’t just happen every five years. Keep a calendar and loosely block off month of the year to tackle areas of your home. The more you get used to decluttering the less you will find you need to buy. Decluttering will tune your mind to only purchase things that will add value to your life. Keeping this habit up will build great habits that allow you to focus on your life rather than always being bogged down by stuff.

5. Have a spot for everything

This is a holy grail hack for Marie Kondo enthusiasts. When everything you own has a home it becomes so much easier to keep track of your belongings. 

Not only keep track but to also make your life of tidying so much simpler. After a while you will build muscle memory and your daily tidying will be greatly improved.