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Transforming your wardrobe with the Marie Kondo Method

change your closet and your style

One of the best things about the Marie Kondo method is its ability to not only transform our spaces but our lifestyle. Caring for our possessions is essential but its about letting the things that you love have space to be used.

When we declutter and organize our things it allows us to get the most use out of our things and practice gratitude for what we have. Marie Kondo’s method can transform the way your closet functions for you and lead you to find your personal style.

1. Start with categories

The Marie Kondo method asks us to organise and declutter our home in categories. This could be areas such as the kitchen, pantry, closets, bedrooms etc.

So now that we have landed on our closet its going to make is so much simpler to further break down the categories.

The method asks us to pull everything from its spot to disrupt order. This will make is easier for you to see your items as individual things. Start with a subcategory of shoes and then move to t-shirts, blouses, pants and so on.

2. Let go of nostalgia

Holding onto an old jacket or dress with memories attached is a wonderful idea. However, in practice a lot of sentimental items can start to pile up. 

While it may be hard to say goodbye to bridesmaid dresses or the jacket you wore on your first day of work…if you don’t use them, it may be better to say goodbye. 

Once we stop feeling guilty about letting go of these items it will free up so much space in your life and closet for new memories.

3. Learn to fold

Learning Kondo’s folding technique is a perfect way to get ahead of maintenance.

 Her vertical folding method allows you to see everything in your drawers and open space for further storage. 

When you can see everything, you have you can finally start to see what you don’t need.

4. Make a memorable system

Organizing should become muscle memory

Kondo suggests that everything we end up keeping should have a place to live that is consistent in our closets. 

That way picking out an outfit in the morning will be as simple as reaching to a couple of habitual spots in your closet. 

Having less choice and organised choices can make putting together an outfit fun! 

Her method of having less allows us to embrace our creativity with what we have left.