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How to Make a Weekly Schedule Work for You

keeping track of the future

Scheduling every moment of your life sounds a bit excessive. We all of goals and aspirations that we are hoping to accomplish but many of us get stuck in the ideation phase. Having a weekly plan is like taking a small bite out of the very large sandwich of our dreams. We are not sure how we are ever going to eat it all, but we start with a bite.

Scheduling your week is a really simple way to figure out and align your goals with your current habits. It will be tedious at first but after a few weeks it will become second nature. Here is how to make a weekly schedule work for you:

Start with the basics

Think about your basic needs for the week.

What do you like to eat?

When do you like to clean?

How do you take care of your health?

Assess all these basic elements of your daily life and literally pencil them in. Work in time for meal prep on Sundays or laundry on Wednesday nights. When these small decisions are made, we can gain more time for the things that spark joy.

Write down your weekly appointments

Before the week starts it may be a good idea to check what’s on tap. Marking out all your appointments for your job or school will help you tackle your work in a streamlined manner. Knowing exactly what is coming down the pike can aid you in feeling more autonomy over your daily stress.

Keeping track of any extraneous commitments is a good tip for anyone so you do not miss anything important.

Align your big goals

Once you start to pinpoint your smaller weekly goals and schedule hopefully it will start to feel routine. 

Building good habits or changing habits takes time and hard work. Once it begins to feel comfortable it should open up more time for you to focus on the future.

Do you have any yearlong goals or projects that you have been putting off? 

Try writing them down and scheduling in first steps. It may seem like a very small feat but acknowledging our aspirations is the first step to getting them done.