Unexpected Minimalist Habits to Change Your Life

Minimalism:Not just for your closet

Minimalism is a word that scares most people. We think of empty apartments, closets, and clean lines. Giving up possessions is an integral part of the movement however its rarely discussed what we can gain through it. Minimalists not only declutter their closets but their lives. They streamline their time not just their shoes. Here are three minimalist habits that will save you energy, stress and money.

Stop over scheduling yourself

Because it is the 21st century booking yourself solid has never been easier. We have more access today than we know what to do with. Friends, hobbies, personal goals, fitness aspirations and lifestyle trends have us over booked. Focus in on what you really want out of your daily life and pare down. Make sure you are not overextending your energy. That way when you do get together with friends or decide to go the gym you will be present and focused on the moment.

Set Digital Limits

This is something everyone should do… now. Our phones offer constant access to everyone we have ever known. While it is so useful and honestly fun to keep up with everyone, there comes a time when we need to power down our phones. This also has to do with work and career. Setting up nighttime limits of when you check or send work related messages should end with the workday. Make those boundaries clear and set them as early as you can into a job. Same goes with social networking apps and text messages. Those replies can wait until the morning.

Cut Unnecessary Expenses

Minimalism asks us to rethink the way we shop and interact with a consumer-based world. While this does apply to our closets and material items it goes way beyond. Most minimalists take a hard look at their expenses and cut where they can. We all know our weak spots and that’s why its incredibly important to face them head on, instead of quietly ignoring them. Whether you have too many credit cards or too many take out nights, its up to us to notice them and reevaluate where our money is going.



 Minimalism is a very interesting lifestyle that asks us to think critically about the habits we have formed. Noticing them is the first step and its up you for what’s next!

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