Tips to Plan the Perfect Trip

Lets go places!

Summer is here and we are ready to go places. Planning any trip (even a spontaneous one) requires some level of thought. Whether you’re going halfway across the world or to a spot an hour away its always a good idea to think about your options. Now that it’s Memorial Day weekend its time to start putting those plans into action! Here are five tips on how to plan the perfect trip:

#1 - Narrow it Down

I don’t know about you, but this is often the best part of planning and the worst. A million ideas for a fabulous trip will come to you but narrowing it down is much…much harder. 

The best way to focus your trip is to look honestly at your options. Make a timeline and try to fit the feasibility of each trip in that frame. While narrowing down your options may feel like a limitation, I promise it will allow you to clearly plan a trip that will fit your needs.

Once you narrow down a time frame it will open your options. Do you want to relax, have an adventure or a cultural experience

Only you know the answer.

#2 - Make a Budget

Are you going to fly, drive, take the train or the bus? Whichever way, you need to factor in the cost.

If you are planning a trip with family or a friend, it always important to establish how much you want to spend. This will narrow down options for places to stay.

Don’t forget to factor in the amount you plan to spend beyond accommodation and transportation. When you are on vacation, you’re going to want to spend money on food, experiences, and in my case local shopping. These conversations can be tricky, but honesty is the best policy.

#3 - Bookings, Bookings, Bookings

Because we are still in the era of the pandemic this summer it is extra important to make your bookings as soon as possible. Airlines and Airbnb’s are filling up because everyone is taking this chance to travel.

Another hot tip that often goes to the wayside is to make restaurant reservations. If you have a passion for amazing food don’t forget to call and get yourself a table at the hottest place in town.

#4 - Write a Trip Bucket List

Researching the place your going is a great way to get ideas. 

Search the internet for tips from locals or travel bloggers who can give experienced advice. Spend some time writing down all the cool things you want to take advantage of while your away.

#5 - Find a Packing List

If you caught our last article on packing for a trip, you’ll know that packing lists are extremely helpful. Especially if you are going to a place with a different climate than where you live. While you don’t want to go out and buy unnecessary belongings, knowing the weather will help you prepare. Many websites provide detailed packing list that will guide your suitcase. 

This summer is going to be a big one for many of us that stayed put for the pandemic. Remember to also look into Covid-19 restrictions for any area you travel. Especially if you are going abroad. Be safe and have a great time!

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