Organizing the Entryway

The entryway to most homes becomes a catch-all area for coats and miscellaneous shoes through no fault of our own. Life just happens. Organizing this space can seem like a useless effort especially if you have kids in the house. However, taking the time to strategically plan for the inevitable messes will help you keep it under control. With these five tips you’ll be on your way to a beautiful mud room or a pristine entryway.

Create space for mess...

The easiest way for your home to become uncontrollably messy is with wet shoes or clothes being dragged through your living space. Whether you have little ones or live by yourself set rules for how you handle yucky weather. Make a designated space for wet clothing and shoes to dry, that way the mess will be contained to a much smaller area. Something as simple as a welcome mat or plastic container will do the trick.

Creative Storage

Whether you install cubbies, wall hooks, or place a few baskets near the door, storage will be your best friend through this process. Having a space for jackets to be hung or shoes to be put away will help everything appear more organized. If you have kids, labeling a wall hook with their name could be a fun incentive to stay organized!

Pick your favorites...

When it comes to outerwear and everyday shoes, we all tend to pick our favorites. Become conscious of what jacket and pair of shoes you constantly reach for and only keep those items right by the door. A mudroom or entryway can become crowded fast with everyone dumping their daily items right by the door. Make sure everyday items either have a spot by the door or are put away in a different place.


The best way (always) to have an organized entryway is to declutter. If wall hooks are weighed down with jackets and your shoe baskets are overflowing it might be time to reconsider those items. Start by pulling everything out of its hiding spot and decide one by one if each item is adding value to your life. Another good way to declutter is to put away seasonal items when they are not necessary to daily life.


Upkeep is the most important part of having an organized entrance to your home. Check back in with the space occasionally and make sure the shoe collection at the door is not getting out of hand. After a rainstorm check the matt or container to see if it needs cleansing. If you have kids in the home, ensure they are following the house rules and putting their items back in the correct spot.

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