Items to Stop Buying
in a Minimal Home

When covering the topic of minimalism or organizing its so easy to only focus on the big picture. All of us want a pristine home and to rid ourselves of unnecessary clutter but it can seem like a very large task. The great thing about minimalism content is that there is always a place to start that is small. Now these tips might not work for everyone because peoples lives and personalities sometimes require a purchase here and there. The good news about minimalism is that it is not a one size fits all. Try on the parts of it that make your life easier and come back to our blog for weekly inspiration. Here are four things to think twice about buying as a minimalist.


This first item might be shocking to you because everyone likes presents! I love presents. However, when the holidays and birthdays roll around it is important to be thoughtful of the gift buying process. A great alternative to a traditional gift is an experiential one. Grab a friend a gift card to their favorite restaurant or set a date where the movie tickets are on you. Experiences show your friends and family that you care just as much as a traditional gift.

Clearance or Sale Items

When my favorite store is having a sale you better believe that I am hopping online. Who doesn’t love to get a great deal? The unfortunate truth of these big sales is that most of the time you end up with things you didn’t necessarily need. While saying goodbye to sales altogether is not an option, think twice about pulling the trigger on your next sale purchase. Ask yourself what it’s adding to your life and if the answer is “not much” than it might be time to close your computer.


Many people get drawn in by products that claim to have special features, dual uses, adjustable settings. Sometimes these items end up working out but a lot of the time they are prone to break or just take up practical space in your home. A gadget could be something like a kitchen tool, phone accessory, tech product etc. It’s important to question the true usability of a product and whether it could be replaced with something you already own.

Bulk Purchases

This idea goes along with clearance and sale items. It might be a great deal to get twenty packs of tissues for half price, but do you need all those? Bulk items can take up a lot of storage space. So, if you are someone who likes to make bulk purchases make sure they are for things you use all the time. For areas like this it is important to be an intentional shopper.
I hope these ideas spurred on some new thoughts about minimalism. Sometimes its not about what you get rid of in your home, but what you bring into it. Starting small with purchasing habits will help you be a conscious consumer.

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