How to Pack the Perfect Suitcase

for the best summer ever…


Summer is here and adventure is calling our names. The world is slowly opening back up and travel is a possibility once again. Where there’s travel, there is planning…and where there’s planning… there is organization! Packing a suitcase is almost always overwhelming. Especially when you are going to a new destination. With these five quick tips the process will be a breeze.

1. Make a List

Even if you are a person who doesn’t write lists, I suggest this tip. Making a list on paper is the best way to ensure you don’t forget anything. Its best practice to consider your destination. Check the local weather and even look up packing lists for your specific location. Especially if you are going on an adventure trip that requires special gear or equipment. Check the list and revise to your needs then match it up with items in your closet.

2. Edit Your Choices

Once you have your list and stuff laid out on the floor it is time to edit. Overpacking is easy. Instead of packing too much, just edit before you go. Start with more than you need and pare down where necessary. See what outfits you can leave behind or pick outfits that can easily change with a new layer.

3. Grab a Scale & Consider the Airline

Most airlines allow you to check one bag for free under a certain weight limit. In order to avoid unnecessary fees, grab a scale and weigh your bag. Make sure to check other requirements of the airline or country you are visiting. This includes the proper way to pack toiletries and liquids. Most airlines will list the best practices and the ounces allowed for a product.  

4. Pack Creatively

Marie Kondo asks us to be patient when packing a suitcase and use some creativity. She uses small pouches for her shoes and undergarments to separate them from her clothes. Also don’t be afraid to play around with rolling your clothes or folding them in creative ways. Pack socks into your shoes and play a fun game of Tetris with your other garments.

5. Pre-Pack Your Toiletries

Another one of Kondo’s master tricks is to always have your toiletries ready to go. If you are a person who travels often it makes sense to have extra product set aside already packed for the plane. This will ensure that you never forget your toothbrush or shampoo again.

I hope these tips will send you on your way to a fabulous vacation. We all need a break from the stress of this year. I am wishing you all a happy and adventure filled summer!

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