How to Organize Your School Supplies like a Pro

School is back!

School is starting for all the little ones very soon! It can be a very overwhelming and exciting time to prepare for. Getting organized is not a bad idea, whether your child is going to school online or in person. Here are some expert tips to prepare for the mess that comes along with homework and school supplies:

1. Find What's Working

In our last article I urged you to gather all of your previously used school supplies from years prior and clean them out! This still holds up. It’s astonishing what we can find in old backpacks after a long summer.
Most organizers suggest that you literally “find what’s working“. Open up cabinets, pencil cases and other pockets to test out your school supplies. 

Can your pencils be sharpened?

Are your markers dried out?

Do your pens have ink?

Does your printer still print?

After a long time of not being used its always best to check if necessary items can still do what they were made to. That way at the eleventh hour when you need it for a project you won’t be sorry!

2. Designate a Homework Space

Look around your home and try to designate a homework area. If your kids have desks or even a play room with a big table it’s best to keep a specific space for work. This will help establish a routine for your children and contain the overall mess to one room.
Even for adults it is best practice to put work out of the mind when we have time off. Allowing for a specific work space should give you time to designate the right organization pieces to guide the clutter. Having a cabinet, closet or cart that can put away is another perk of a homework area.

3. Organize by Drawer

If you end up using a cabinet for your supplies I recommend organizing your supplies by drawer. Keep writing utensils and paper separate. 

If you have more than one child it could be helpful to give them each a drawer for their things. It can be a good practice for responsibility and pride in their space. 

4. Use Drawer Dividers & Baskets

Using dividers and baskets are another great way to curb the clutter. If you have an assortment of miscellaneous items, pop them in the basket and put it away. 

Life will get crazy and having that easy solution will help when you don’t have the energy to put it all back in a specific spot.

5. Get Creative

A big part of having an enjoyable space is to limit your eyeline. If you don’t have space for a chest or cabinet try using your creativity! 

Rolling carts are a wonderful option to limit the mess. If company is coming over you can simply roll the cart and school supplies out of sight.

 Also many organizers and teachers (!) use over the door closet shoe organizers to keep their supplies in check.

I hope this article provided some useful inspiration for back to school! Fall is just around the corner and a little tidying can be helpful to calm our nerves. An organized space is a major component of self care.

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