How to Move Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Moving is almost always overwhelming and emotional. Whether you’ve lived in a place for ten years or ten months memories have been made and your stuff has really grown to like the place. When we are getting used to the new place our possessions like to find little hiding spots within the home.

 Once its time to move out it’s important to take some preemptive measures to ensure the move goes as seamlessly as possible. From someone who has moved three times in the past calendar year, these tips will come in handy.

Disrupt the Peace

Marie Kondo asks anyone who will listen to pull everything out of its spot when organizing. There’s a reason this methodology exists, and I would guess some of it came from the moving process. When we move our stuff suddenly lives again. Those old holiday decorations, unused kids’ toys, and chipped mugs we’ve held on to for way too long, come back to haunt us. In a very real way…

Take this opportunity to declutter before the big move. Pull everything out. Disrupt the peace. Once you do this it will be a lot easer to let go of those possessions that won’t be put in the moving truck.

Gather Your Materials

 Whether you want labels or color coded moving materials, get on it.  Start collecting cardboard boxes from local stores and moving facilities. Order those labels, packing tape and everything in between weeks in advance. If you want to use a moving dolly, same deal. Once you have the materials it will be super easy to start packing when the feeling strikes.

Pack as Much as You Can Pre-Move

If you have a moving date a month before you are supposed to move… pack up now. Take this golden opportunity to get those boxes out of storage. Once you’ve decluttered and secured a supply of moving materials start boxing it up. Begin with lesser used items like china, holiday décor or seasonal items.

Take Things as They Are

One of the more random tips but super helpful is for the actual day of the move. Instead of packing up every drawer and closet into a box consider just taking it as it is. Leave your clothes on hangers and fill up a carload. If your dresser drawers are pretty light, just pull them out of the piece of furniture and make sure they are in a spot that can’t get damaged. This way you alleviate some boxes and simplify the unpacking process.


Moving is an emotional time that requires a lot of work. I hope these tips will help you stay on track and a little less stressed.

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