How to Host a Seamless Dinner Party

the perfect summer evening

Friends and family are gathering once again – leading to the logical conclusion that dinner parties are on the rise! A home cooked meal and an ambient table is a celebration of friends and family. The gift of good food and good people is one that keeps on giving.

Hosting the perfect evening feels like a daunting chore to the untrained eye but when broken down the steps are quite manageable.

Invite Your Guests

Begin by crafting the perfect guest list for your evening. A dinner party can be for a small intimate group or a large mixing of people.

Once you send your invites and receive RSVP’s it will allow you to plan a menu and theme for the evening. Ask yourself:

What types of foods do your guests eat? 

Are there any with dietary restrictions or allergies? 

Does this group of people enjoy a lively evening or a cozy one? 

Do they prefer wine or mixed drinks?

The options for your gathering will both widen and narrow for proper planning once you have your guest list finalized.

Head to the Store

With your guests in mind start pursuing for a recipe online or in your favorite cookbook. Decide what sort of appetizers and drinks will be enjoyed by the larger audience.

 A menu for the evening is a vital step – that way you can make sure you have everything you need before you go to the store.

Make a list of ingredients and check them off one by one before you leave.

Meal Prep

With the busy modern world we live, do yourself a favor and meal prep. Whenever you have time before the party make sure you have everything laid out. Checking for proper table ware, candles and any table dressings is also important. Lay them out on your table prior to the event to ensure your not worried about rushing to both cook dinner and set the table.

Another great way to prepare is to cue up the music before your guests arrive. Light candles, chill the wine and have appetizers set up and ready to be enjoyed. When meal prepping keep in mind how the meal will be cooked while you’re entertaining. Make sure all difficult parts are minimized to maximize your own enjoyment of the evening.

Make sure that during all this planning you focus on enjoying a lovely evening for your loved ones to enjoy. Inject your personality into the dinner party and most all appreciate the ability to eat good food with good friends once again.

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