Getting Organized for Back to School

With the school year almost underway for most of the country it is time to start thinking about back to school. While this year the classroom might look a little different than most, it is still important to prepare. Sorting out a back to school plan not only requires purchasing school supplies but getting in the right mindset. Hopefully, these tips will help you ease into the school year feeling like you are in control.

Tip 01: Buy the Necessities

Here on this blog we like to talk a lot about minimalism and how to purchase things intentionally. Many elementary, middle schools and even college dorms will send out a generic school supply list to all their students. It is important to buy the necessities but evaluate what learning products are right for you or your child. This way you can command the clutter before it is brought into your home.

Tip 02: Clean Out Your Bag

This tip never gets old! Take some time at the end of the week to clear out your bag. Having a clean slate for the coming week will alleviate stress and help you locate that left-over snack or two from your little ones. While you’re at it, clean out your folders or binders and sort through the papers that should be held onto and recycle the ones that are no longer important.

Tip 03: Prioritize Books to Buy

Especially for college and highschool students’ textbooks can rack up a hefty bill. Take some time to check for your books in another store besides the school’s bookshop. Another great way to avoid potential clutter is to rent your textbooks. This is a more sustainable option and will often cost less for the year.

Tip 04: Keep a Plan

Whether you use a physical or digital planner it is so important to keep track of assignments. Nowadays schools make it easy to view academic calendars so you can always know what’s due. Make sure to bookmark your school’s planner on your device so you easily access it. If you are going to opt for a consolidated physical planner, cross off the items you have already completed. That way when you finish a task you have a visual aid to see what you have done.

Tip 05: Clear Off Your Desk

If you have a desk in your bedroom make sure to clear it off before you go to bed. This will help you keep on track with your assignments. Turn the process into a reward each night when you are done with coursework. A clean desk equals a peaceful mind.

Hopefully, this article will motivate you to take control of this very uncertain school year. Something so familiar as school time will help kids and parents feel like they are back to a normal routine in these crazy times. I am wishing everyone a happy and healthy back-to-school season.

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