Demystifying the “Capsule Wardrobe”

When diving into the world of minimalism there is always one topic that has me running for the hills: the capsule wardrobe. If you have ever done online research into this topic, you’ll know the overwhelming content that outlines specific rules and timelines. Most basically a capsule wardrobe is just like it sounds, a streamlined closet that caters to your needs in a very simplified way. I thought it would be fun to uncover some of the hidden gems of advice within the “capsule wardrobe” craze.

First let’s start with the basic rules.

1. Your capsule should have 25-50 items in it per season. (including accessories, shoes, jackets etc.)

2. You should change your capsule about every three months for the season.

3. Start your wardrobe with neutrals and save a few key pieces for a pop of color.

4. Separate your clothes into categories and then into seasons.

5. Ask yourself when putting together your capsule if each piece can go with 3 other items in your wardrobe.

Many articles detail a varying set of rules but I pooled these five key basics so you can grasp the idea. Each person seems to set up their own mathematical system that works best for them. The main thing I took away from researching the topic is that a capsule wardrobe is a lot of work up front but anyone who does it says it paid off for them tremendously. I do not think this style of organization is for everyone, but its practice brings up a few good rules for life. Here are a few things I think we can learn from it.

Shopping Intentionally

When you are forced to pair down your closet to a very select number of items it pushes you to make those items great. I think one of the most important lessons a person can learn about shopping is to ask for help! When anyone mentions jean shopping it usually induces a cringe. This is never an experience people are dying to have. However, asking that sales associate for advice will feel like nothing when you find the perfect pair of to wear over and over. Most retail workers have basic training on how jeans and other clothing should fit. Once you find clothes that fit perfectly you won’t always be looking for another pair and filling up your shelves with unworn items.

Back To Basics

The capsule wardrobe forces you to find versatile basics that you love. Having articles like crisp white shirt, trusty pair of jeans and a favorite jacket to always reach for will eliminate time in your day. Easy pieces will allow for a simplified morning routine and the ability to always have an outfit without much thought. Also, the biggest shopping rule to take away from this is to ask yourself if the item will go with three other things in your closet.

Paring Down

A capsule wardrobe forces you to take a hard look at your closet. Changing your capsule every few months might help you eliminated items you never wear throughout the year. When taking up the practice initially make sure to shop your own closet before you make purchases. This will help you understand what working and what not. Try on your clothes and take an honest look at what clothes feel great to wear. This way you can eliminate those items that don’t bring you joy.
The capsule wardrobe trend might work wonderfully for someone who doesn’t like the hassle of choosing an outfit every day. However, for that creative type who lives and dies for their closet might have a more difficult time with this minimalist method. The biggest trick of all in your journey to a more minimal life is trying out processes that work for you! I hope this article helped you understand some of the basic principles of a capsule wardrobe and what ideas you can pull from the trend.

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