Decorating for Fall - Without the Clutter

get cozy-not cluttered

The fall time is here!

While the leaves may have just started to change many of us feel the shift inside much sooner. The time for cozy blankets, fireside chats and chilly weather are right around the corner. One of the best traditions of September is the changing of décor in the home. Swapping out those summery candles for richer cozier scents and pulling your fuzzy socks out of storage is a magical feeling.

However, as an organizing company it can be easy to see how fleeting holiday decorations can also add to unnecessary clutter and used up storage space in the home. Because decorating for fall is such a happy and essential moment, I wanted to offer six tips for enjoying your fall decorations without adding a ton of clutter! (But hey, for me fall candles spark joy so there really can be nothing wrong with that!)

1. Change the Flowers

Florals in the home are a perfect place to start for fall decorating. Whether you have real or faux flowers, they don’t really take up that much space. It’s best to pick a neutral all-season vase or container for your flowers so you can leave that up all year round and just swap the small flowers or plants.  

Going for richer tones within your room’s color palette is a great way to infuse the season without adding too many “decorative” tchotchkes.  It will really bring out the sense of autumn in the space and highlight the season.

2. Pull out the Throw Pillows & Blankets

Another obvious and easy swap is so pull out your fall blankets and pillows. (As a pillow fanatic myself) I recommend not overpowering the space with a million pillows. You definitely want to make sure that guests can still sit down properly on your couch. However, swapping out summery blankets for thicker flannel blankets will really bring coziness to your space.

3. Add a Permanent Piece for Creativity

Installing a place in your home for creativity is gong to be a great investment if you love infusing your personality into your home. Whether you are an artist or not, try to find a way to express yourself in your home.

This could be a chalk board that you switch the art for when you need a moment of creativity. You could spend hours focusing in on a low stress project that will not add a single new item into your home!

Also, if you are not into artistic endeavors, you could try a letter board or writing quotes out onto a chalk board as well. Taking the time to find words that spark joy is half the fun!

4. Swap Out Scents

Scents are an incredibly important part of the feeling in a space. Swapping out those summery candles for some warm fall scents could bring your space further into the season. Also making sure the packaging matches your color palette is another important step. While candles do add scents to a room modern packaging makes them more of decorative statement.


5. Bring the Outside In

This one is simple, get yourself a pumpkin! Looking into more natural projects that can bring a little of the outdoors in is a great way to start the season. Many places even offer simple projects involving pinecones, acorns, and other natural fall plants.

I hope this article gave you some ideas for getting in the fall spirit. Another easy and free way to enjoy the season is popping on some music that invokes a cozy feeling. Fall is a mindset and bringing it forward in your own unique way is always the best option.

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