Crucial Morning Habits for a Smooth School Year

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It is officially back-to-school season! September is here and so is that beloved morning rush hour for school. Keeping a morning routine for a single adult can be difficult enough to maintain but when you add in little one’s things can go awry fast. 

A simple morning routine full of helpful habits could be secret to a peaceful transition back to school. Here are our five crucial habits to make school days run smooth:

1. Pack Lunches/ Prep Breakfast

Packing lunch the night before is a simple way to stay healthy and organized. Making your lunch at home (even as an adult) is a great option to save money and eat well. Grab those lunch boxes, pack up a simple meal and pop the whole thing back into the fridge. Try designating a space in the refrigerator so the routine fits seamlessly into your day. That way when it’s time to get going in the morning you can sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea) while you get ready.

Also, if you have little ones setting aside easy breakfast options is a must. That way they can either grab it themselves or you can quickly pull it out of the cupboard or fridge.

2. Keep a Spot for Bags

For all of us graduates, you may recall the dreaded panic when your backpack or bag is not in the place you thought you left it.

Maybe you have an important paper due or a test you need a calculator for but now it’s nowhere to be found. 

The best way to prevent this moment is to be prepared the night before. Assign a position in your home to keep your school or work bags. That way you make a habit of making sure you have everything in it before the eleventh hour.

3. Pick an Outfit

Are you sensing a theme here? 😊 Laying out a outfit for yourself is one thing but when you have a picky five year old calling the shots it’s a different story. Instead of playing the “what do you want to wear game” in the morning, set aside time for a nighttime habit. It could be a fun way to spend time with your kids before bed time that allows you an extra cushion of time in the morning.

4. Tidy Your Spaces

Tidying the home is very important to us at Avance Organizing. The home is your safe space and caring for it daily is caring for yourself.

 Making sure your dishes are washed and your living spaces are cleaned up will allow for some peace in the early morning. Living our daily life brings mess and keeping up with it is crucial maintenance.

5. Wake Up First

The last tip I offer is to get up just a little earlier than everybody else. This extra cushion of time will allow you wake up slowly to a quiet home. Take that time for yourself to get your head on straight. That way you are prepared to make the day great before it has begun.


I hope these tips were helpful to you during this back-to-school season. Soon the trees will start changing and the school year will be in full swing. Practicing good habits take time but allow us to live easily throughout our daily lives.

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