8 Ways to Live Sustainably Today

-Earth week-

Sustainable living is a lot simpler than you think. With Earth Day shedding some light on our beautiful planet why not learn small ways to care for it! Here are eight easy ways to live sustainable today:

1. Buy in Bulk

This first item might surprise you but buying in bulk is better for the planet. Instead of racking up four shampoo bottles in five months, buy two giant bottles to last the year! The less packaging you use up over time the better.

2. Use Reusable Cotton Balls

This is a small change to use less. Switching to reusable cotton balls will reduce your use of the real thing. Because a product like cotton balls have a one-time-use limit, its worth it to change your habits. You’ll end up saving money too!

3. Ditch the Microbeads

One of the simplest most basic changes you can make to your routine is to stop buying products that use microbeads. These pesky little synthetic exfoliators wreak havoc on the ecosystems in rivers, streams, and oceans. They get flushed down the drain and make their way into Marine life food chains.

4. Reduce Your Red Meat Consumption

Whether you are striving to be a vegetarian or not its always good to consider eating less meat. Red meat is one of the primary producers of methane gas in our atmosphere. Cutting back even for just two to three meals a week can make a huge impact.

5. Use Reusable Produce Bags

Reusable produce bags are available to purchase. This small switch will save the use of those tiny plastic bags at the grocery store.  Think about the impact of a years’ worth of produce bags on the environment, and it will surly be worth the swap.

6. Shop Local

Shopping for local goods is always fun and always good for the earth. Produce from a farmers markets is fresher and has traveled way less than the average grocery store fruit or vegetable. The miles are fruit has traveled has a big impact on the planet. 

7. Start a Garden

Growing a small garden for you or your family is a great sustainable hobby. Small herbs or tomatoes are a small feat that most people can pull off. It also provides fresh goods for you to enjoy. Impress all your friends at a dinner party by telling them you grew that basil in your home garden! 

8. Learn About Minimalism

While the extreme minimalist lifestyle is not for everyone, their practices are universal. Most writings about minimalism offer small habits we can all adapt to our daily lives that involve using and consuming less. Even just reading about it will get us to think more sustainably about our daily life choices.

I hope everyone has had a Happy Earth Week! Mother Nature is good to us so we should be good to her!

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