5 Ways to Prepare for Back-to-School Season

fall is almost here 

August is here which means back-to-school season is upon us. Now that our lazy summer days are almost numbered its time to get excited about our routine once again. Whether you have kids in school or you yourself are headed back, these five tips will get you prepared for the start of fall.

1. Deep Clean

After a summer of entertaining and outdoor excursions it might be a good idea to do a deep clean of your home. Take the time to notice all the overlooked spots that need cleaning in your home. Clean items like your drapes, blinds, washing machine and hard to reach areas. Many websites give detailed instructions on how to clean very specific appliances and features in your home.

2. Declutter Your Closet

Cleaning out your closet and doing a wardrobe inventory is a must-do before school (especially after the year we have had). Notice any damaged clothes or gaps in your wardrobe. Make sure to remove the clothes you won’t wear anymore from your closet and get them out of the house. That way you can make some room for some fresh pieces for the fall!

3. Find Your School Supplies

One of the best things about back-to-school season is getting your backpack in order. Sometimes after the summer locating your backpack can be an activity. Once you find your school bag empty out the contents and get it in tip-top shape. Also look at what school supplies you have left over from the year before and figure out what you’ll need before your first day or your kids first day.

4. Organize the Calendar

Cross referencing your personal schedule with the school’s is a great way to get started on this project. If you have a family a good tip is to combine your lives into one calendar. That way no one’s events will slip through the cracks.

If its just up to you for your own schedule, try writing down the big dates for assignments and school functions. Also, any deadlines for activity sign ups or class change requests.

5. Set a Routine

Setting a morning routine and getting into a rhythm is something that happens naturally when you start school. However, don’t be afraid to implement your own morning or night routine to stay organized. Your own personal growth goals outside of school should be a priority. Self-care can often look like a routine.




I hope this article offered some helpful tips for back-to-school season. August can feel like a Sunday night before a Monday. Hopefully organizing your life can quell ay anxieties about the start of school.

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